Since 1988, I have engaged in countless,  varied writing and editing projects, including newspaper reporting, photo journalism, advertising design and copy-writing, and technical editing.

I specialize in copy-editing texts authored by non-native English researchers and authors submitting to peer-reviewed journals in several fields, including chemists, mathematicians, engineers, inventors, medicine researchers, doctoral candidates, MDs, nurses, and atmospheric scientists.

Specialized Care

Some documents need more in-depth English revision and take more effort to edit depending on your command of English. This usually means reorganizing larger blocks of text for clarity, sentence structure, grammar usage, and overall organization. Often, more than one revision is required to achieve your goals for publication and meet editorial requirements of publications.

You really are benefiting from having your own private English tutor by working with me. My experience means you benefit from quick and efficient performance. Affordable fees add to greater savings, too.

Depending on the length and complexity of your documents, and level of editing necessary, I can usually complete and return each reading assignment to you within 2 to 3 days, or 48 to 72 hours, after receiving it.

I am familiar with the Chicago Style Manual, APA, AP, MLA, and can adapt specific journal editorial guidelines to projects.


I earned a BA in English, Communication and an MA in English, Communication Development. I live near Durango, Colorado. Previously with Fort Lewis College Office of Community Services, the University of Nevada, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, and Aerosols and Air Quality Review, Taiwan, a quarterly peer-review journal of air quality research findings in Asia, including China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong.

More About Services I Offer
Technical writing and editing for social sciences, medical sciences, scientific research, government documentation, travel writing, creative writing, essays, creative non-fiction, poetry, news reporting, copyrighting, memos, grant- and proposal writing, and scholarly/academic texts.

Research for newspaper and magazine articles, such as college affairs, community sports, community development, environmental issues and community quality of life issues, land use and public land use and recreation, timber economies and tourism, and Chinese internal martial arts, video scriptwriting.

A little more about me . . . .
I currently write about taijiquan, or tai chi, and gigong as a practitioner of Chinese internal martial arts since 1999. Learn more at the Dragon Journal of Taijiquan.

I produce martial arts instructional videos (mastersfromchina.com). If you are also writing about martial arts, email me to help you develop a stronger product. As your editor, I know I can. Please request information on discounts for first-time clients by email.