Specializing in Non-Native English manuscripts

paul tim richard

Paul T. Richard, Editor

Text, Web, Video Editing since 1988
Copy Editing, Journalism, Photography, Advertising Graphic Design and Copywriting, Content Writing, Technical Editing, Blogging.

Videography since 2002
Martial arts educational videos, Music Videos.


Language Editing for ESL

I help non-native English authors, researchers and graduate- or post-doctoral students improve English manuscripts. Make your papers more marketable to peer-reviewed journals. Effectively contribute to your field of study with professionally edited content. Submit papers with clear, well-written English texts.

I can help you to:

  • Follow journal’s editorial guidelines and style
  • Organize content and structure for more conciseness and efficiently
  • Edit for English language usage: grammar, spelling, idiomatic expressions, and more.
  •  Improve poorly structured arguments
  •  Respond more precisely to reviewer comments

To help build your career, please contact me today.

Proofreading …

Final reading before submission. I’ll correct grammar, typography, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. This is helpful for manuscripts approaching final cut.

Copy Editing …

Style and consistency, language use and grammar, spelling and formatting, technical accuracy, spelling, and correct citation and reference formatting.

More corrections of awkward sentences, organization of information, rearranging larger blocks of text for stronger, more concise meanings. I will make suggestions and ask clarifying questions to help you develop your text more on your own. This level applies to more rough-cut manuscripts or texts by authors who are familiar with their subject matter, but are not yet completely at native-English ability.

Revising and Rewriting …

More advanced editorial role in more substantive development of your manuscript. Develop your ideas more clearly and express them in English in a more organized manner. This level can be applied to intermediate to advanced English writing skills. Contact me to discuss more beginning level English projects. It may be that you need an English teacher, rather than an editor.